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Pacific Northwest Mycology Service, LLC
6720 NW Skyline Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97229-1309 USA
phone/fax: 503.297.3296


phaeocollybia piceae

About the Service

The Pacific Northwest Mycology Service provides consulting services and field surveys pertaining to mycological opportunities and problems primarily in the Pacific Northwest. The company is tailored to provide information on macrofungi (mushrooms, polypores, chanterelles, morels, etc.) in natural and urban outdoor settings or to gather and analyze published literature on these fungi for academic and governmental institutions, scientific firms, environmental organizations, public and private landowners and other interested parties. On a more limited scale the company will provide consulting services on a wider range of mycological topics, subject to the availability of resources and expertise.

PNW-MS offers the following services:

  • fast and accurate identification of fresh or dried mushrooms and other macro-fungi
  • preparation of mycofloras and distributional indexes
  • organization and curation of private or institutional fungal herbaria
  • consultation on ecological and biological field research studies
  • expert primary taxonomic research on basidiomycetes
  • secondary research on other assorted mycological topics
  • professional preparation of biologically oriented flyers, brochures, and newsletters
  • instruction in mushroom identification, use of mushroom keys, and microscopy

On-going contracts include fungal community studies (as Cost-Share Partner with the USDI Bureau of Land Management), expert identification of Northwest Forest Plan "Survey & Manage" species for the US government, fungal inventory of fungi of the Oregon Caves National Monument, and editorship of Mycotaxon, the international journal of fungal taxonomy and nomenclature. Previous projects include co-authorship of a chanterelle handbook for the USDA Forest Service, editorship of Inoculum, Newsletter of the Mycological Society of America (1998-2000), coordination of Kingdom Fungi for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park All-Taxa Biological Inventory (1998-2000), species and herbarium collection evaluation for the USDA-FS & USDI-BLM (1995, 1998) and the Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center (2002).

Fees are negotiated on a contract basis.


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